I consider myself a normal adult in her mid 20’s and life has taught me that you can’t always trust the people you would like to. And I know now that there are people in this world who will hurt you on purpose. And lets just say I know of at least 2. And they are both family members. I did not ask for this war but some how I got sucked into it. And while my life is filled with I told you so’s and all the  you’ll know better next time’s! It’s pretty much branded in my brain. I was talking with someone I can only discribe as EVIL if we were in a movie she would be the villian that feeds and prays off innocent people.  It was your average epic battle of good vs evil and I am happy to report that in this case good as won again.

 I don’t see why in anyone’s right mind they would want to backstab someone even their own family who did nothing but defend them I could tell you the whole story but then I would have to change the names. I’ll be Ella in this story and my sister will be …tina…& my dad by sperm only will be ….woody.

Tina and Woody Came up with a plot so evil it’s sick. My neice and mom were in town and while they were here sadly my camera broke. And tina and woody told me when i found one that i liked to let them know and they would get it for me. And so I let them know when i did find one. I sent them the url and they used a credit card to buy me the camera for my late b-day present. Well it turns out that they lied about ever buying it or ever having the intent to do it in the first place and once i caught them in a lie thats when the war started. And Tina started in on some evil..planning.

She began to call my finace’s work and harrass him there. sent me rude text messages and emails.And this is not the first time she has done this and it won’t be the last . And I feel bad for anyone who’s ever had to deal with her or with the same situation! But rest assured you’re not alone. And sadly I’m not the last person she will do this to. But however they are gone out of my life for good and I will never have to deal with them again.



 Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I feel like I can do anything today almost like anything is possiable with a great amount of work and a little bit of hope. The past few days I’ve been blogging I’ve noticed myself tilting my head to the side and pressing my lips together i dont know why i do it…hmm. I guess I better get back to scrapbooking before the ideas leave my head.

“Sooner then it seems life turns around”


Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I don’t really have alot to say today my life is not all that interesting lately. The more I ride the bike the more I’m starting to Love it!! I’m totally getting into it.I love to just take it out and go where ever I happen to roam. I’ve met very few people in my life who are willing to do anything for me but im starting to realize that I did not know all that I thought I did and that some people will lie to you know matter how much you wish they wouldn’t.  😦

But that’s all i’ve got for now it’s time for this princess to come back to reality

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I was thinking about my life today and how much it has changed in the past few years. I feel like everything I have been told so far has been a lie. I  feel like I don’t know who I am anymore. And I don’t really know how to gain insight. All I remember is how I used to be and what I liked but since I have gotten older all of that has changed. I used to like men with amazing bodies and ” super model ” good looks I thought I would be swept off my feet and live happily ever after. My happy ever after is a little different…Modern day. we’ll say. I never got carried off into the sunset on a white horse it was more of a motorcycle. And I did not end up with a man some what resembeling Fabio..More like Homer Simpson! * Now this was not ment in a bad way*  He’s Incrediably Smart and amazingly good looking with blue eyes that I could just get lost in.

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